4Cats Arts Studio

August 2015 marked a whole year of teaching at 4Cats Arts Studio! I can’t explain how much I have learned since beginning at the studio last August. From teaching late night adult workshops, to grasping the different ways in which people are able to learn, I am so happy for the variety of experience I have gained.

One of the most valuable things I have learned at 4Cats is how to break down concepts or ideas into their smallest parts so that they could be understood easily. I quickly discovered that many of the words I used while teaching and the concepts that I thought were common place or ‘known’ were in fact totally alien to students (adults and children). Tailoring my language use and slowing down to take time to understand the level my students were at really enabled me to simplify curriculum for students.

So far, working at 4Cats has been my favourite job. Helping students create masterpieces and watching them develop or become confident in their abilities is the best feeling. I look forward to my new schedule at 4Cats, working Monday and Wednesday nights!

The Crew


Adult Studio Painting Classes


Artist Focus Classes: Jean-Michel Basquiat


Awesome Summer Camps




While working at 4Cats I was lucky enough to volunteer at Flamborough Centre Public School in the mornings, only five minutes away from my house. I worked mostly with the grade eights learning how to use inquiry within lessons and projects. I also spent a month teaching a grade four art class. I had students use printmaking techniques and negative space to create artwork that conveyed a message. They looked awesome up on the bulletin board!





Dry Media Workshop

Dry Media Workshop

We did another workshop at Bethlehem housing this Thursday focusing on drawing techniques with conte, charcoal, and pencil. After doing some drawing techniques, we did blind contours. They did three blind contours of their hand which they overlapped. This overlapping made for some interesting shapes which they then filled or added to with shading and pattern techniques. In the end we had some Kadinsky-esque abstract pieces that turned out quite lovely!

The Fort! (part two)

The Fort! (part two)

This is a picture taken at the second small work shop I did for The Fort. This time we decorated hats to wear at the anti-bullying awareness event happening this Thursday. I showed the kids how to use one point perspective and different colouring techniques to create 3d effects for lettering which they used for the anti-bullying slogans in addition to their names. They turned out great!