Over the past few weeks I’ve made some time to work with clay to make Christmas presents. It is awesome having access to a kiln because I’ve been able to fire everything! These are just a couple of the pieces all finished up!




Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 10.41.10 AM

These are some ornaments of Kodamas or ‘Tree Spirits’ from the animated film, Princess Mononoke.

 Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 10.48.05 AM



4Cats Art Studio!

I recently accepted a job offer for a full time position as a studio instructor, or what they call a “curator” at 4Cats Art Studio! So so excited. Today I learned how to run weekend Birthday parties!









Four bodies of water in one week, from North bay to Parry Sound. I am equally as amazed every time I come up north at the beauty we are so privileged to enjoy here in Canada.


My project motorcycle featured on Motolady!

My story got featured on a women’s motorcyclist website. This is a motorcycle I worked on for a couple years, sadly I just sold it in June. I am definitely looking forward to fixing up another bike! Here is a link to the article: 


Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 6.38.42 PM


The McCoy Islands


It is very easy to find inspiration in a place that is so naturally colourful! It has been such a blessing to spend time on Georgian Bay with friends and family. This place has almost inspired me to paint some landscapes…


ESL China


This has been the first summer in long long time that I have not worked full time. Instead I decided to complete some Additional Qualification Courses for teaching. I completed Special Education Part 1 as well as Teaching English as a Second Language Part 1. For the ESL course I spent three weeks teaching English to a class of 27 kindergarteners in Shanghai, China. What an experience. I was able to integrate lots of crafts and music into the classroom which made it such a blast! After teaching, I spent a week in Beijing sight seeing which was so inspiring and amazing. I am so thankful and lucky to have gone!

Here are some photos of my students. I loved them all. I never thought I could enjoy teaching Kindergarten so much. It’s definitely not like teaching high school!


DSCF0883 DSCF0871



Newest Painting

Newest commission piece

In Bloom
Oil on Canvas
38 x 38 inches
June 2014

This was a commissioned oil painting for a friend of my Mom. It has been years since I have used Oil paint, making it a refreshing challenge! Looking forward to my next commission.