Supply Teaching. One month down.

Ryerson Middle School

Ryerson Middle School- The first classroom I’ve felt at home in. I wish it could be mine one day!

What I learned in my first month of supply teaching:
Assert yourself early in the day.
Be kind but firm with students.
Arrive at least 30 minutes early.
Have an array of activities ready to go.
Learn trouble makers names within first 15 minutes.
Don’t hesitate when making decisions and be consistent.
Be friendly with secretaries, they are the best!
Talk to the Principal.
Socialize in the staff room, even if it sucks.
Wait for everyone to listen before giving instructions.
Ask office staff when attendance is done and if it is done digitally.
Ask the first students who arrive any questions you still might have about routines.
Kindergarteners will say they ‘love’ you…
Familiarize yourself with Children’s Aid procedures.
Give rewards.
Feeling overwhelmed 24/7 is the norm.
Thank everyone.
Be concise.
Check for all your belongings before you leave a school.
Always have your phone on you.
Leave a detailed report for the teacher you are covering.
Introduce yourself confidently and share a little bit about yourself with every class.
If you get a prep, help out somewhere else.
Avoid French Immersion jobs if you don’t speak French.
Have fun.
Be patient.

My new I.D. card!

My new I.D. card!


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