I finally got some free time  over the winter break to work on some paintings for a show in the spring.

These were inspired from an old hand painted sign in the St.Catharines area that I just had to re-create.




Dry Media Workshop

We did another workshop at Bethlehem housing this Thursday focusing on drawing techniques with conte, charcoal, and pencil. After doing some drawing techniques, we did blind contours. They did three blind contours of their hand which they overlapped. This overlapping made for some interesting shapes which they then filled or added to with shading and pattern techniques. In the end we had some Kadinsky-esque abstract pieces that turned out quite lovely!

Figure Drawing Session

On Friday I ran Brock Art Club’s first figure drawing session. Running figure drawing sessions gives non-art majors a chance to partake in art related activities they wouldn’t usually have a chance to try out. Luckily this time, I got a chance to draw as well :). Delved into some conte for the first time in a couple years, I hope to run another session at the end of November.

Multi-media Painting Workshop

A friend and I just recently did our first work shop at Bethlehem Housing and Support Services on Thursday. This is just one of the exemplars I made before hand. We did fall themed still life using collage, acrylic paints, and watercolors.

Bethlehem Place is a 27-unit apartment building providing affordable, transitional, supportive housing to people in need in the Niagara Region who wish to make change in their lives. Capacity is about 65 residents.

Bethlehem Place is an ongoing success story. Since it opened in 1988, thousands of women, men and children have lived in the building, and participated in the programs designed to develop skills, stability and confidence to move on to independent living. Residents may live in the building for up to one year.

People come to Bethlehem Place for a variety of reasons such as abuse, homelessness or family breakdown. During their stay residents are given support through individual counselling, support groups and a wide range of life skills workshops.

Jewelry Procrastination

I made this little pendant on my reading week while day dreaming about lesson planning. Just used a 40 cal bullet casing and drilled a hole through the top. I found a nice citrine crystal at green earth for 15$ that looked like it would fit and so it did!

Busy at Brock

I have been working on various projects for the Brock Art Club, this is one of the working logos I designed.


My first time experimenting with wood burning. I think i might be a little too impatient for this technique but I am content with the way it turned out.


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